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Mobile Field Shelters
Broadfield Field Shelter
Billinghurst Field Shelter
Gallop ‘Value’ Field Shelters
Self Installation Mobile Field Shelters
Mobile Field Shelters
    Special Offer Up to 25% off D.I.Y Installation (25% off Broadfield Shelters, 20% off Billinghurst Shelters and 15% off Gallop Shelters)

    Mobile Field Shelters

    Mobile Field Shelters from Broadfield Stables

    If you are looking for mobile field shelters, we can help. We are pleased to stock a wide range of mobile field shelters to meet your exact requirements. Whether you require a no frills mobile shelter or would like us to create a bespoke design, we are confident that we have the perfect shelter for you.

    Superior Mobile Field Shelters

    Here at Broadfield Stables, we are proud to provide our customers with convenient Shelter solutions that give you the freedom to move the positioning of your horse should you need to.

    Choose our shelters for the following:

    • Affordability
    • Durability
    • Quality
    • Versatility

    It is important to obtain and understand the materials used in the construction of your Mobile Field Shelter, use our printable Specifications to compare our buildings with other suppliers, we are confident of our quality and workmanship time tested

    Special Offer: Up to 25% off for DIY Installation on our Mobile Field Shelters

    25% off Broadfield Shelters

    20% off Billinghurst Shelters

    15% off Gallop Shelters


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