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Broadfield Field Shelter
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Mobile Field Shelters

    Broadfield Field Shelter

    As you compare us with our competitors it will soon come to your attention that our eaves height of 2.4 metres, lined roof and our 1200mm overhang are quite unique.

    Key benefits:

    • 100x100mm Galvanised steel skids
    • 88x38mm (100x50mm cls) framework
    • ex19mm (3/4”) shiplap cladding
    • 125x50mm/100x50mm roof purlins
    • 1200mm overhang lined with hardwood plywood
    • Guttering to front elevation
    • Pressure treated throughout
    • Eaves height 2460mm
    • 11mm osb roof lining
    • 12mm hardwood plywood kickboards
    • One of the heaviest Shelters on the Market

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