Planning & Site Preparation

Planning Permission

You may need to obtain planning permission for your stables; this can sometimes seem like a daunting process but not at all. There are a few exceptions, such as if the building is within the curtilage of your garden. In most cases, you can build in your garden without planning permission (there are guidelines for this and they do vary across the country); it is always wise to ask your local council. Also, if you are replacing an old building for a new one, then you may not need planning permission but again, you would be wise to ask.

We can supply you with the necessary elevation drawings needed for planning permission -please ask for details.

You will also need to supply a site plan of your property with the proposed project clearly marked (this is usually in the form of a Land Registry site map that you get when you buy a property or an Ordinance Survey map, scale 1:2500).

Groundworks & Site Preparation – Stables

We strongly recommend that you have your stables installed on a concrete base with a plinth course of semi-engineering bricks. Your local ground-worker or builder will be able to advise on depth of hardcore and concrete needed to suit the subsoil in your area.

As a guide, we recommend 100mm (4”) of concrete over 150mm (6”) of hardcore. If you intend to drive your horsebox lorry onto your base, it would be wise to add reinforcing mesh to the concrete. A damp-proof membrane is recommended between the hardcore and the concrete if your area is especially prone to flooding. Concrete should be of the ‘stock mix’ type. This has an acid inhibitor in the mix, which stops the acid in urine from eating in to the concrete. The way you tackle drainage in your yard will depend on the lay of the land. We suggest a slight fall from the front of the stables to disperse water.