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Finishing Touches

    Overhangs & Roofs


    The overhang on our standard product is 1200mm including the guttering, lined with plywood. Overhangs may also available lined with Treated shiplap giving consistency to the building.


    We offer a choice of four roofing materials for roofing.

    • Onduline – Light weight and extremely flexible, Onduline has been tested in wind up to 120mph, Colours available are Black, Green, Red and Brown. Onduline is a brilliant product but must be installed correctly, It is important to support the product correctly, ideally with a lining OSB which is exactly what we do.
    • Cedar Shingles – At truly stunning look to finish off your building, Cedar shingles have an expected life span of 30-40 years more than enough time to offset the extra initial outlay. Cedar shingle give a very rustic look and are maintenance free.
    • Onduvilla – Manufactured by Onduline and with the same qualities, Onduvilla is a relatively new product, it gives a nice effect to the roof especially the 2 tone colour options. Laid on 18mm OSB.
    • Felt Shingles – Fancy your building to have a tiled or slated look, Ashphalt shingles are the answer, Supplied in a multitude of colours from Slate Grey to Terracotta Red, we can try to match the surrounding buildings.
    • Fibre Cement Euro 6 (P6) corrugated sheets – perhaps a little commercial looking but very good life space 30-40 years, fibre cement is maintenance free.



    Fibre Cement

    Two Tone Onduvilla

    Steel Box Profile – Grey

    Cedar Shingles

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